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Eastern Canada's Premier Fly Fishing Guide Service

Eastern Canada’s
Premier Guide Service

"Backed by experience, knowledge and passion"




What is Brightwater Anglers?

Brightwater Anglers is a guiding company and brand that shares their knowledge and experiences on and off the water. We work to do this through instructional, visual and compositional means. 

What can I expect from Brightwater?

 You can expect up to date information on the latest gear, techniques and flies. I will work to provide a well fed blog with everything from competiton experience, memorable days on the water or anything I think you will all find interesting.

How is Brightwater different?

Brightwater seperates itself from the pack through unrivaled experience, expertise and always working to provide the best possible customer service.

Who is Brightwater?

Owner and Operater Colin Huff started his guiding business back in 2014 and wants to expand his teaching potential.

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Experience + Accomplishments


Colin Huff

Brightwater Anglers Head Guide + Owner

Sales Representative at Woodside Agency Simms Fishing Products
(Rajeff Sports & Waterworks Lamson) 
Since 2017

Coach of the Canadian Youth Fly Fishing Team
Since 2014



Take your dreams onto the water

with Brightwater Anglers






Lake fishing is a great way to learn the sport. Our professional guides will also help take an experienced angler to the next level.



River fishing is a special way to learn as it is a one on one relationship with you and river. Our guides will introduce you to techniques and tactics that will take your skill set to the the next level.



Thinking about picking up a fly rod? Let our highly qualified guides show you the right way and leave you wanting more.



Our seminars range from instructional clinics on lake and river techniques down to fly tying.


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Meet the Team

Our professional guides will go above and beyond to provide you with the knowledge you need to take your angling to the next level.


Colin Huff


Colin has represented Canada at a handful of international competitions and is itching to share his experiences with you.


Bradley Keenan


Bradley's experience on the water and in world compionships will be sure to increase your catch rate. His humourous approach will leave you with slimy fish hands and a smile ear to ear every time.


Chris Saunders


Chris has extensive experience on the Quebec waters. You'll take a lot a way from spending a day on the water with him and have a good time doing it.


Philip Short


Phil spends over 200 days on the water. His local knowledge is unmatched and will show you the tactics and techniques to make you a better river angler.


Our Clients


Selecting a fishing guide can be tricky. You may be confident that the person is knowledgeable in his or her field, but the fact is, you’re about to spend a few hours or a full day with someone you’ve never met, so you cross your fingers that things will go well. My son and I have been out with Colin and I can say that we thoroughly enjoyed our experience, and are looking forward to many more outings with him. To say that Colin knows fly fishing is a serious understatement. It is part of his genes. But for us, what comes first to mind is his whole approach to guiding: it’s all about having a great time on the water. He never reminds you how little you truly know about fly fishing. On the contrary, his easy-going and upbeat approach puts you completely at ease, and you can ask all the questions that comes to mind, and he will happily share his expertise, and a few good stories along the way. I highly recommend Colin as a fishing guide.
— Francois Dumaine
Vous voulez découvrir la pêche à la mouche? Colin est le meilleur guide... excellent communicateur et professeur, toutes ses sorties sont couronnées de succès. Avec lui, vous apprendrez tous les secrets! Mes amis et moi sommes accrochés à la pêche à la mouche...
— Jean Laflamme
I first met Colin when he worked as a sales representative at a well-known outdoors products store. I had finally decided to take up fly-fishing and was looking to purchase the minimum gear to get started. Colin, an avid angler himself, proved to be passionate about fly-fishing and eager to share his knowledge. He answered all my questions with genuine interest, and provided honest and expert advice, helping me select quality products within my budget, based on the kind of fishing I intended to do. I sought his opinion several times since our first meeting. I eventually hired Colin as a fly-fishing instructor and took some private lessons with him. He showed himself to be an able and patient instructor, even as I drilled him relentlessly with questions. I soon learned that Colin regularly competes and possesses a wealth of technical knowledge and real-life experience. I would recommend Colin as a fly-fishing instructor and a reliable source of unbiased expertise to anyone.
— Francis Martel